What the difference between sports medicine physician and a physical therapist?

Prescribing.. A sports medicine physician had graduated from 4 years of medical school, 3-5 years of residency, 1-2 years of fellowship, and has an md or do degree who can order studies, prescribe pt, prescribe medications, etc. A physical therapist is skilled in hands on physical treatment. If a physical therapist is on health tap they can further comment on the educational duration and background.
Doc vs pt. Sports med doc is a doctor 4 yrs college. 4 yrs med school. Then residency in either orthopedics (5-6 years) then fellowship in sports med 1-2 years. Phys therapist is 5-6 years of school after high school. Doctors diagnose and treat. Therapists treat under direction of doctor (in most cases). Hope that helps.
The difference. Sports Medicine physicians sees patients, make a diagnosis, and, if he/she is a surgeon, operates. Physical therapists see the doctors patients and carry out the appropriate physical therapy, based on the doctors diagnosis.