Would smoking weed cause cancer?

Maybe. Despite a fair amount of study, nobody's been able to show a cancer risk. Perhaps this is because people don't smoke nearly so much of the stuff as they do cigarettes. Unfounded scare-talk about this drug, which is becoming legal in parts of the us, tends to erode the effectiveness of real warnings about the true dangers of meth, cocaine, heroin, and the others. Still, why take a drug to be silly?
Perhaps if heavy. Researchers have tried to prove for years how dangerous marijuana is, but the evidence shows that light to moderate use doesn't cause cancer; the verdict is out on heavy use: http://www. Huffingtonpost. Com/2013/06/20/marijuana-lung-cancer_n_3474960.Html marijuana has some anti-cancer properties: http://www. Collective-evolution. Com/2013/08/23/20-medical-studies-that-prove-cannabis-can-cure-cancer.