How can I reduce nasal congestion (infections, difficulty breathing through nose) the natural way?

Saline.... Saline, which is basically salt water, can be used in nasal sprays, nasal gels, nasal washings, etc. The use of these can help with lubrication to decrease mucosal injury and, thus, infections, inflammation, etc. The nasal washings can potentially "wash away" inflammatory cells, bacteria, etc. Your pharmacist can help with finding these treatments. If symptoms persist, see your doctor or ENT doc!

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How to decrease nasal congestion (infections, difficulty breathing through nose) the natural way?

Depends on cause. Try saline nasal rinses, along with drinking hot fluids...And even the "breathe right" nasal strips. Some people find find breathing in steam from a pot of hot water works (be careful not to burn yourself over the stove).

I am experiencing difficulty breathing through nose (side: one side only). The following also describe me: Nasal congestion, Post nasal drip, and...

Obstruction. Could be septal deviation, asymmetric turbinate hypertrophy, mass lesion, unilateral sinus infection. See ENT. Get some generic farina and use every 2-4 hours for 1-3 days. Could also try saline irrigation with bulb syringe. One half teaspoon of table salt in pint of warm water.

My Daughter is experiencing nasal congestion, difficulty breathing through nose (side: both), constipation, chills, generally feeling unwell.

See Physician. In general upper respiratory symptoms associated w systemic symptoms (fever, chills) could suggest an infectious cause. Proper evaluation by a physician would be warranted.

My Other is experiencing nasal drainage, nasal congestion (stuffiness), sinus pain and difficulty breathing through nose (side: both).

URI. Upper Respiratory Infection, most probably viral, rest as much as you can, fluids, soup, saline nasal washes, and pain killers, if no improvement in two to three days, see doctor, good luck.