For how long do a ear infection take to fully recover?

Depends. Usually they are cleared up in 2 weeks. They can take a month or more, depending on the germ involved and whether or not there is resistance to treatment. Many resolve without any prescription medications. Some resolve with antibiotics. Others do not resolve unless the infection is drained surgically.

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How long is it supposed to it take for an ear infection to fully clear?

Depends. During any ear infection there is a temporary reduction in hearing due to the muck in the middle ear for up to 2-6 wks.If the infection & muck is not cleared out within 90 days that muck can turn to a glue like material.Some infections clear without meds, some benefit from having the muck removed & ventilation tubes placed. Most hearing will return to baseline. Read more...

How long will it take to recover from ear infection in adults? Especially when it becomes red and swollen inside.

Ear infection. can be of the inner ear and external ear either ways I am sure your physician will treat it appropriately including antibiotic ear drops generally 2-3 weeks are required depending of the severity. Read more...