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Please explain which face washes are good for acne, acne scars and large pores?

Salicylic acid. However, if you have real scars (depressed lesions), it won't be sufficient to clear you. You need to get with your personal physician before things get worse and worse. All acne can be managed, though it cannot be cured until it remits on its own. It is unrelated to lifestyle and only marginally to diet.

Hi doctor! How effective is neostrata glycolic acid face wash (18%) for grade 2 acne scars? I underwent 30% salicylic acid peel thrice. Not much use. So if the face wash is effective then Please suggest a regimen too. Thank you

Forget this stuff. Nothing you can do on your own is going to touch the acne scars. I'm sorry your acne wasn't treated as it should have been, but you do have the option of getting seen by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who may offer laser work, filler, or microsurgery. Best wishes.

I have acne on my chin & forehead and some acne scars on my cheeks. Cheap acne face wash to get rid of it fast?

Cetaphil plain. Cetaphil is an excellent balanced soap for facial cleansing purposes but will do little to treat the acne. In this instance, most patients prefer deep cleansers off applied with a mechanical device to accomplish a deep cleaning and exfoliate simultaneously. These devices often combine an salicylic acid medication. W.
Scars, not so fast. If you have true scars there are not many if any otc products that provide a lasting result. Face cleansers are best suited to control / minimize active acne vs correct scarring.