Is it true that a spinal fluid leak after surgery is the surgeons fault?

No. Spinal fluid leaks are unfortunately one of the many risks of spine surgery and is not typically considered to be the fault of a surgeon. The important thing is that one is diagnosed and properly treated.
Vague ?? but no. What kind of surgery are you referring to? With many neurosurgical procedures, CSF leak is a risk, especially if the CSF space itself was entered as a part of the operation. These leaks are not uncommon, sometimes even a normal part of healing, and usually resolve with proper treatment. I encourage you to review your concerns with your surgeon. Your surgeon is in the best position to help you.

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I was wondering is a spinal fluid leak after surgery the fault of the surgeons?

Not necessarily. Did you have spinal anesthesia? Did a surgeon operate on you brain or spinal cord? What did you have surgery for? Infrequently a spinal fluid leak can develop spontaneously. Read more...