How typical is baby bottle tooth decay?

Baby bottle decay. I see it about 1 in 100 children. Parents need to brush and floss the child's teeth as soon as they come in! the diet is very important! refined carborhydrates like crackers, chips, juice boxes (which are full of sugar) are a no no. If your child needs the bottle at night - make sure it is only water- milk has sugar in and can cause decay sitting on the teeth overnight.
It depends sadly. Often on socio-economic parameters. In my 23 years of practice I have seen maybe less than 5 cases and those too nothing like the pictures that we saw in dental school. There are other areas that the incidence is much higher sadly. It is something that is totally preventable. Hope this helps.
Fairly uncommon. Fortunately pediatricians are well aware of this problem and know to address it before it happens. Unusual to see baby bottle syndrome today, but if present is deviating. Never put child to sleep with bottle containing anything other than water. If child nurses/drinks just before being put down teeth should be wiped clean. See dentist or pediatric dental specialist at 1st, b'day, no later.
Rare. Now with the raised dental awareness , baby bottle syndrome is nor as prevalent as it was back in the days..
Depends. Baby bottle decay is prominent enough that precautions should be taken to avoid it. No juices through the bottle, no going to sleep with bottle in mouth, swab teeth and mouth with gauze early on.