Can malaria infect by unborn child?

Yes but low risk. The rate of infection during pregnancy depends on many factors, but remains low. It is about 1% in moms who have developed anti-malaria antibodies and about 10% in those that have not. However, I would be more concerned about the health of the baby as the parasite may pack the placenta and reduce oxygen delivered to the baby. Seek care from a ob/gyn who has experience with high risk pregnancies.
Yes but data varies. Congenital malaria occurs when infected mother transmits malaria to unborn child. Statistics vary as to rate of impact & severity. Co existent HIV increases rate of transmission to baby and placenta. When this occurs there is an increased risk of low birth weight, fetal anemia, premature delivery, and potential for stillbirth. Malaria in pregnancy endangers mother too--doubling rate of mortality.