For the last four days I have a sore throat, slight runny nose, and a fever. What could it be?

AURI. Acute respiratory infection cound be viral or bacterial.If you think you are improving viral infection resolves by itself in a few days. Bacterial infection if not treated can be complicated with pneumonia. See your md if you develop exudate in your throat, headache, chills, bodyaches, colored expectoration, shortness of breath or not improving.
Sore throat runynose. Your symptoms may be due to spring time allergy, or due to a viral upper respiratory infection.Since you say you have fever and checked it with thermometer then it is more likely to be viral uri.Only other possibility is strep tonsillitis since you have fever and sore throat.It may be a good idea to consult your familly doc to find out .Allergy can be treated with over the counter allergy meds.

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Sudden sore throat and stuffy/runny nose and a slight fever.?

Sore throat, stuffy. Your symptoms sound like you are coming down with a cold. Best to rest and stay hydrated. If your temperature is consistently high or your sore throat worsens to where you cannot swallow your saliva, fluids, or food, see your doctor. Read more...
Common cold. Allergy is not associated with fever, unless you develop a complication, such as an ear infection. Your symptoms suggest a viral upper respiratory infection (common cold). You should rinse your nose with a saline spray, an otc decongestant spray (oxymetazoline=afrin) for 4-5 days, a lozenge such as cepacol and Acetaminophen (tylenol) or Ibuprofen (advil). No better in 5 days - see a physician. Read more...