Please explain if it is possible to use a pulse oximetry to check oxygent saturation for someone who inhaled carbon monoxide?

Not infection. Using pulse oximetry will not show a real oxygen saturation of the hemoglobin. Co binds to hemoglobin more avidly than oxygen, shifts the saturation curve to the left as what is measured is occupied hemoglobin (reduced) even if the co is the one occupying it. It is best to use the abg.

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Checking oxygen saturation for person with carbon monoxide inhalation, any suggestions?

Use ABG. The problem with co monoxide poisoning is that the co binds tightly to the hemoglobin and if you use saturation, yes that ligand is occupied and will be saturated so saturation is up in the spectrophotometry method. The actual method which is the blood gas will show how much o2 is bound to the hemoglobin. Read more...