How dangerous is breast implant removal surgery?

Very safe. Removal of breast implants can be done very safely if performed by an qualified plastic surgeon with experience in breast enhancement. The procedure generally involves removal of the implant with/without adjustment of the surrounding scar capsule. A drain is placed and ultimately removed 1-3 days later. Over time, the tissue then shrinks down and usually assumes a very natural appearance.
Depends. There are the normal risks of surgery with general anesthesia. The degree of "droop"in the breasts may be variable after surgery and you may need additional surgery to lift the breast or place new implants.
Very Safe. An intact breast implant practically slides out so there is very little trauma and healing is fast. Often it can be performed under local. If you have a leaking silicone gel implant, especially the 1994, or if the capsule needs to be removed, it may be better under anesthesia.