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How long it take for a bladder infection to go away if you are taking Azo cranberry pills?

Azo cranberry. Probably not very useful for an existing infection but a good product for prevention. See http://www. Nlm. Nih. Gov/medlineplus/druginfo/natural/958.Html.

Is AZO safe to take while pregnant for a bladder infection?

Antibiotics. Azo is safe for use during pregnancy but it is not an antibiotic and will not adequately treat a bladder infection. It is important that bladder infections in pregnancy be properly treated to prevent spread to the kidney.

Can u take otc sinus cold pills n azo fot bladder infection?

No. Over the counter AZO or cold preparations may ease some of the pain/discomfort symptoms associated with a urinary tract infection but do nothing to treat the infection, which may become systemic and lead to sepsis in the long run. It is important that you see a doctor and get started on an antibiotic and have a urine culture to confirm infection and effective antibiotic regimens.

I had what felt like a bladder infection I took the Azo pills and drank lots of water the burning went away still have pressure on bladder though???

Need antibiotic. Urinary infections are typically bacterial, and AZO and fluids alone will not rid you of the bacterium. You may need antibiotics. Visit your doctor.
SEE DOCTOR. Azo does not treat infections, Antibiotics do! If you still have pressure, you still have an infection. The only reason to take Azo is for short term relief until you can see a health care provider, or until the antibiotic you are taking starts working. Too many patients take Azo and end up with Kidney infections and serious Sepsis because they think Azo will cure the UTI - IT DOESN'T!
Here are some. .. Most UTIs are uncomplicated; so, past experience alerts one to know the UTI is coming so to timely initiate self-care, such as taking Azo, which just eases UTI-related irritating voiding symptoms but may masquerade the underlying causes for complicated UTI. Hence, at least once, have Doc help you how to plan long-term care or investigate potential underlying causes for recurrent UTIs.

All day I have been exhausted & tonight it burned when I peed. Having had bladder infections before I am scared that is what it is - take azo?

UCC for UTI. The symptoms of UTI are burning, pain, hesitancy, incontinence, frequency, urgency, nighttime voiding, blood in the urine, and residual sensation after. You have the burning without the pain nor frequency. Look at the other symptoms to make your decision - you may be able to push fluids and escape this one. If you have more symptoms, go to an urgent care clinic for a dipstick to rule out uti.

How to treat UTI for a diabetic my mother has a bladder infection. She is 60 years old and a type 2 diabetic. She is frequently in the restroom. We went to cvs pharmacy and they recommended the Azo standard pills to take for 2 days and got her diet crambe

It. It sounds like the medicine she is taking is working. As she continues to heal, the buring sensation and frequent urinations (which are symptoms of the infection) will also subside. In the meantime, otc pain medications may help. However, it is prudent to take her to an urgent care facility to be assessed. Perhaps she needs a stronger antibiotic to fight the infection. Blood in the urine should always be assessed by a doctor.
See a doctor. Have your mother see her doctor to identify the organism causing the UTI so that the infection can be treated with an appropriate antibiotic.

Home remedies that work for bladder infections?

Cranberry juice/tabs. Spontaneous resolution of a bladder infection can occur. You should drink lots of fluids to flush your urologic system, drink carnberry juice or take cranberry tablets. You may take over the counter bladder analgesics such as azo. However if your symptoms persisted or got worse see your medical provider immediately.