Dizzy and light headed with some vertigo only when climbing/ what's that?

Head tilt. If dizziness etc comes only when climbing up, the then answer could due to kinking of a vertebral artery damage to a portion of the inner ear, or exaggerated feedback from position sensors in the cervical spine. If climbing ladders is important to you, get it checked out. If dizziness/vertigo occurs in other situations also, definitely have an exam and further testing.

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I'm feeling light headed And dizzy also nauseated it could be vertigo?

Vertigo. Is the sensation of the room spinning around you rather than just regular light headed or dizziness. If this is what you are experiencing you probably have vertigo.

These past two days I've been feeling dizzy, I get up and feel everything is moving, I've read about the differences like vertigo, light headed?

Vertigo. The causes of dizziness are varied. The most likely cause is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, but with the few details I've got, I think you should see an ENT for a better diagnosis. Most forms of dizziness are easily treated. Feel better!

My head feels off. Kind of a light headed dizziness. Is this vertigo? What causes vertigo and how to make it go away? Been like 4 days.

Lightheadedness, and. Vertigo are very different sensations though confused frequently. They have different causes and treatments. So, the first thing to do is differentiate them which is best done by seeing your doctor.

My head feels off. Kind of a light headed dizziness. Is this vertigo? What causes vertigo and how to make it go away? Been like 4 days.

See doctor now. There are many causes for dizziness or vertigo. Please see your pcp without delay for exam and proper diagnosis. Be sure to have a complete list of all meds you take. Ask a family member or friend to go with you for safety reasons. Have someone drive you until you are cleared to drive by your doctor. Hope this helps. Be safe.

Dizziness and light headed, what can cause this?

Too many to list. The causes are way too many to even begin to list. See a doctor and have the problem evaluated.

High levels of trihalomethanes in water health effects light headed/dizziness?

Filter water and DOH. Call tour health department for your water quality. Also consider lead check. For your drinking water change to filtered water from outside source. Your county water department has a quality check as well.

What does dizziness, light headed, and the lose of circulation mean? I have just been given flovent 100 strength

Could be side effect. Of the medication. Get examined to check for problems with the heart, brain or could be from low sugar, low blood pressure etc inadequate circulation to the brain is uncommon among young individuals but common in older folks with risk factors- hypertension, dm i'd recommend a comprehensive blood work, ekg suggest to your dr to check for orthostatic changes in your blood pressure hope u feel better!