Do doctors charge more for robot surgery?

No. Doctors charge according to the procedure performed, not according to the technique they use. A robot hysterectomy requires extra training for a physician, and may require longer to perform than an open procedure, but i personally find those costs are balanced by the benefits to my patients. It is gratifying as a physician to see the excellent results with robotic techniques.
Cost. Some do, but in general, most just charge the same whether it is robotic or just laparoscopic. Robotic surgery is like having a better set of instruments. I enjoy using them and it helps me, but i don't charge patients for it.
No! Robotic technology is simply a tool that allows the surgeon to have better visualization and dexterity when performing minimally invasive surgery. The surgeons fee is the same regardless of what tools are being utilized .
Generally NO. The cost of equipment and supplies are generally more expensive for robotic procedures. For surgeons to safely provide robotic surgery, they require more training and experience. The procedures often can take longer then other techniques. However, it is common for the insurance companies to pay less for the surgeon services and procedure.
We can. Docors can charge whatever they decide for any procedure. We are paid on a schedule by the insurance companies with whom we have contracts. The payments are the same no matter the method of the surgery, so the short answer is we are paid the same for either. Most of us also charge the same.
No. The hospital may charge you extra if the costs are not covered by insurance.
Probably not. Most physicians use a standardized fee schedule for their charges. The charge for a hysterectomy can vary a small amount depending on the specific route. The charge for surgery also varies when the ovaries and / or tubes are removed and when there are other associated and related procedures (anterior and/or posterior vaginal repairs for prolapse, or support procedures for urinary incontinence).
See below. While there may be a slightly higher code for a surgeon performing robotic surgery, the hospital charges would be significantly increased for the procedure. Also the surgical time for robotic surgery is usually a longer time in the operating room, also resulting in a larger charge for the time in the operating room from the hospital.