How do they measure nuchal translucency?

Ultrasound. Nuchal translucency (nt) is typically measured between weeks 11 and 14. The sonographer measures the thickness of the tissues of the back of the fetal neck. After the image is magnified, calipers are placed along the inner margin of the tissues of the neck.

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Nuchal translucency measured 2mm and blood work came back very low risk of trisomy 21 and 18 (less than 1/10000). Do I need any other testing done?

Talk to OB. There are various other tests that can be done if you are concerned. These would include amniocentesis. I would talk to your OB for a full discussion of the risks and benefits before trying other tests. Read more...

Nuchal translucency measured 2mm then the next day at a different dr's office, it was 0.4mm. 13 weeks pregnant. How is that possible?

Ultrasound. I use ultrasound, ; it is easy to have difference of measurements. Example: if you take a picture of your nose from front and same nose slightly from the side, it will look longer when it's the same nose. It is impossible to take two pictures of somewhere in the human body that are identical. There are differences of position etc. This is more so if two different people take the picture. Read more...