Pregnant with asthma. Which of my meds are ok?

Probably all. Asthma is worse in 1 of 3 women when pregnant. 1/3 are unaffected while 1/3 actually improve. Asthma meds are either class b or c. The difference - while class c drugs may cause problems in pregnant laboratory animals no problems have been reported in humans. Uncontrolled asthma is a greater risk to your pregnancy than any class c drug. Pulmicort, singulair (montelukast) & Atrovent HFA are class b asthma drugs.
Category B. If you have asthma and are pregnant, there are excellent options that are listed as category b during pregnancy--singulair and Pulmicort are possibilities. You should talk to your physician about which medications you're on.
Depends. Albuterol is safe in pregnancy, salmaterol as well. Inhaler b2 agonists and steroids should be ok.