Can getting dentures, implants help TMJ?

Yes. Stabilizing your occlusion should help to reduce many causes of TMJ discomfort. Dental implants are a great way to help dentures fit much better. If your dentures are more than 5 years old, it is probably a good idea to have your dentist evaluate you for a new set.
Yes. Dentures supported by implants, fabricated gy your prosthodontist according to the anatomy of your mouth and jaw relationships, will stabilize your jaw joints.
Yes. By properly supporting and stabilizing your jaw joint this will minimize your TMJ problem.
Maybe. Tmj is not just one disease, it's a whole constellation of problems that can affect the jaw joint. Poorly fitting or worn out dentures may precipitate a jaw joint problem, manifested by pain and dysfunction. A new set of properly fitting dentures will often solve the problem. If you can't get good fitting dentures, then dental implants may help support and retain your dentures, thus relieving tmj.
Yes. Yes, anything that stablises the occlusion can help TMJ. Make sure the docs doing your denture or implants understands TMJ.
Depends. Balancing the occusion (the bite) is imperative when dealing with a tmj/tmd problem. Often, people go with missing teeth (all or some,) for some time, which changes the bite. The triad of the teeth, muscles and the jaw joints can be severely crippled when teeth are taken out and not replaced. Whether successful, dentures or implants, may depend on length of time you have had tmj.