Can detergents kill bedbugs and lice?

Not by themselves. Declutter entire bedroom ; other effected rooms. Check site: http://treatmentforbedbugs.Com/" put all junk in tightly sealed plastic ; dispose of it. Wash clothing, linens, towels in hot water. Dry on highest heat - then repeat. Place clean items in a sealed bag to prevent re-infestation. Steam clean what can't go in.
No not really. Keeping the bedding clean is important. Exterminators are needed to rid of bed bugs. Live are on people not bedding.
Bedbugs. A way to get rid of bed bugs is to wash all bedding materials in detergent and hot water. Items that cannot be washed like stuffed animals should be sealed in plastic bags for a few weeks. Also dryer heat for 20 minutes is needed.You will need to apply a pesticide or other product to remove the remaining bugs. Most products used to kill bed bugs are pesticides.