Hct 44%, hgb 14.3, MCH 26.5, MCV 84, mchc 31.6, platelets 231. Ferretin 23. Can I increase ferritin with iron sups? Or will I need IV iron?

You're actually okay. This is a normal serum ferritin in nanograms/milliliter for a spot test in most labs. You are not anemic. The 50-150 range that you may have seen is the target for people who were once iron-overloaded and are now having iron removed. You're lower than most men, but without any sign of sickness. If you're a vegetarian, you should supplement iron plus B12 and some others.

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IDA? RBC 4.880 HGB 13.70 HCT 45.0 MCV 92.20 MCH 28.10 MCHC 30.40 RDW 14.50 PLT 368 Serum Iron, 178 Ferritin, 10.6 TIBC, 470 UIBC 292 Saturation 38%

This looks good. I'm not sure what your question is here, but overall this information regarding your blood counts looks good. You don't look anemic, the platelets that clot your blood are in good levels, and your infection fighting WBC's are at a good level. Have a great evening! Read more...