Can Lyme disease cause anxiety attacks and nervousness. A feeling that your not yourself. Maybe like a panic attack. Can antibotic help?

Indeed it can. There are a few ways that psychological symptoms can arise in lyme disease - the disease causes increased pressure in the head which affects blood flow and oxygen and causes all sorts of cognitive/emotional disturbances. The might only last awhile, but they may recur. Antibiotics may or may not help - that's lyme, right? A link: http://www.Newyorker.Com/reporting/2013/07/01/130701fa_fact_specter.

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Hello, can anxiety or nervousness causes loose stools? I've been having frequent anxiety/ panic attacks early in the morning,

Yes, anxiety. can stimulate the gut. Please see your doc to rule out medical conditions. A mental health professional can teach your ways to cope. "Hope and Help for your Nerves" is a book by Claire Weekes that helps w.anxiety. Peace and good health. Read more...

Stopped the birth control pill 5 months ago and have experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks and constant nervousness. What is the cause?

Exam. You should have a complete physical exam: have your thyroid, blood sugar and blood chemisties and hormone levels checked. If all tests are negative, you should speak to a behaviour counselor or a psychotherapist. Read more...