Can anything be done about facial plastic surgery gone wrong?

YES. There are always lots of options. Check back with the plastic surgeon who did the procedure. If you are not satisfied, check with other respected plastic and dermatologic surgeons for other ideas and options.
Of course. The first thing to do is to discuss your options with the first surgeon who has the most insight into what may have occurred. If not satisfied seek second opinions from experienced individuals.
Complications opost . Complications can happen to anyone at anytime.They are not frequent and for the most part can be corrected with time and/or addtitional
Yes - there is hope. Suboptimal results from facial plastic surgery may be corrected the majority of the time. It is important to identify the problem and find a board certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon experienced in fixing that problem.
Yes. If things have fully healed, but there are still issues many times revision surgery can be done.
Yes. Yes. A lot depends on what you mean by "gone wrong". .Sometimes "gone wrong" means unrealistic expectations. Discuss with your surgeon. Often minor adjustments will solve the problem. Or you may elect a second opinion. For best results make sure your surgeon is a board certified FACIAL plastic surgeon.
Yes . Revisions are possible. It is important to find a surgeon with lots of experience doing revision surgeries, and has had great results doing them.
Usually. Depending on what problem, complication or dissatisfaction resulted from the particular procedure, there are usually things that can be done to address the issue.