What's the difference between spastic colon, functional bowel disease, mucous colitis and IBS. How I can now that I am suffering from them?!

Gastroenterology. You want to know if you have spastic colon, mucus colitis etc. A gastroenterologist can evaluate your stool and if required may perform a study called colonoscopy. Any times the doctor can get a lot of answers by talking to you about your stool habits.
Essentially the same. The terms have often been used synonymously. However, a coating of mucus (a colon lubricant) when present in large volume may signal not only problems with colon spasm (ie. Irritable bowel syndrome), but also partial obstruction, infection, ; even sloughed colon lining due to a variety of diseases. It's critical to distinguish ibs from inflammatory bowel diseases (crohn's, ulcerative colitis...).

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