Can parents attend sex ED classes?

Here are some ... Traditional and local social taboo has barred something to happen and someone to participate in certain aspects of life without justifiable reason for mental supremacy and discrimination. But, I do feel parents' attending sex Ed Class will help and improve its intended effectiveness. Nonetheless, ask and try so to testify how it may pan out at where you're. Best wish...
They should.... What the particular rules are for a particular school or organized curriculum will vary from place to place. But i feel their should be available quality appropriate-for-age sex education for all. And if one has a good, sensitive teacher, it can be effective for children and their parents together. Comment: america was born out of puritanical ethos. We still make too much of our bodies. Relax.
Can? or should? Parents are probably free to attend such classes if allowed by the school or teacher, or they can find their own classes. Many students might be inhibited or intimidated by having adults in their sex-ed classes and therefore unwilling to participate openly. Among the best are those developed by the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Churches, and are preceded by a parental review.