I've been coughing violently and throwing what I eat the last 2 days. Have night sweats. Also am running a low grade fever.

You may need to go t. If you are unable to keep any liquids down, you should consider going to an er tonight and be treated with IV fluids and medication to control vomiting and you cough. If you can keep down liquids, then consider going to see your doctor in his office tomorrow.
Infection. Could be getting pneumonia or a viral infection with your severe vomiting you should see a doctor or go to the er for an evaluation.

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I have been running an intermittent low grade fever for the past 3 - 4 months. Maybe 2 - 3 times per week, along with night sweats. No other symptoms.

Fever/Unknown Origin. 48 year old lady with Fever of Unknown Origin for 3-4 months. Have you reached menopause yet? Menopause is a cause of fever of unknown origin in a woman your age. Do you have chills? any weight loss? sick contacts? bites? travel? sexual history? You should get a full exam to determine possible sources. Some causes are malignancy, abscess, tuberculosis, malaria, drug wdrawl, underlying med problem. Read more...