My front teeth have been hurting for 4 days now. I have no insurance so I can't see a dentist. It hurts when I lay down no matter how I lay. It's pain?

Dental pain. The most common reason for dental pain is infection. Yu need to be seen by a Dentist. i'm sorry you don't have Dental Insurance, so you will have to pay for treatment out of pocket. See if Dentist can provide you with a payment plan. Or contact Social Services or your local Dental Society for the location of a subsidized clinic.
Decay/infection. It's from decayed one or more of your front teeth that developed into infected pulp(nerve) and an abscess is forming , when you lay down the pressure increases on the nerve endings of those infected teeth causing the pain, you need to see a dentist or hospital dental clinic asap, for possible root canal treatment and restoration .. You are too young to loose a front tooth, what u gonna do when u 50?