Why is group b strep so bad for babies?

Imunity. Babies have no immunity so any bugs potentially can kill them. They gain some immunity from maternal milk but bottle feeded babies dont.
It can kill. Group b strep is a bacterial infection that, if a newborn contracts, can kill if not treated quickly and adequately. Certain things put a newborn at greater risk for gbs infection; these include prematurity, prolonged rupture of mom's membranes (>18 hrs), mom colonized with gbs, previous history of baby with gbs disease, maternal fever/chorioamnionitis. It can be devastating. Avoid it.

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What % of babies with group b strep have no effects?

Need to ask a neo. Natologist, that doc should have the answer, the goal is not for the baby to get b strep, that is why all pg women are tested and if it is + at any time during the pg, then antibiotics are given as soon as you are in labor or your water breaks.

What are the causes of group b strep disease in babies?

Group b infection. Newborn can get group b strep infection either during passage through birth canal or after birth coming in contact with an adult carrier of this bacteria the infection quickly spreads into the blood stream and can make the newborn really sick and has to be treated with IV antibiotics.
Group B strep germ. This is a germ that is commonly found in the digestive tract. It rarely causes problems for older kids or adults although occasional UTI's are seen in some women. About 1/3 of women will carry it in their genital tract during pregnancy. If the germ gets up to baby after the membranes rupture, or is acquired during delivery, it can cause pneumonia or blood poisoning in the newborn or meningitis later.

How is a group b strep infection treated in moms. Babies?

OB/peds have protocl. The frequency of invasive group b strep disease has declined since the adoption of surveillance and treatment protocols by ob's & peds. Since gbs can come & go, most moms will be screened at 35-37 wks & receive abx during labor if positive, if status unknown she will be treated. Babies are monitored & treated if any signs appear that suggest invasive disease.

Since 2013 urine cultures show group b strep 50000-100000. Delivered 2 babies gbs+ for both. Is this somethig that will always show in my urine? Harm?

Please treat. The fact that you had 2 infants with GBS means your next infant is a some risk as well. Your physician should give you antibiotics to eradicate this organism from the urine. You may be a carrier for GBS and may not be able to remove it totally from your body. Please tell the Pediatrician/Neonatologist about your history so they can screen the infant. Your Dr should give you antibiotics during labor.
Maybe/not. GBS is an incidental finding in the poop of everyone. Because of the structure of the genitals it is a common contaminant of the female genital tract. As many as a 3rd of women carry it off & on at any given time. Other that a risk for vulnerable newborns and the occasional UTI it is considered benign. Oral meds will not eradicate it, which is why they are given IV during labor.