How did I get metabolic syndrome? None of my ancestors had it.

Will increase! Our ancestors ate more protein, greens, fiber than we do. Until 2000 bc, no grain was cultivated. ( first in persia.) we have less physical work, eat to much sugar and starch, and are glued to led screens. Civilization was always on the verge of starvation and very strenuous labor. Just the opposite today. Common now, but experts expect a major increase!
Lifestyle. Most of our ancestors were pretty active physically, ate off the land and exposed to natural elements. Industrialization and modernization has changed the way we live and set us up for lot of lifestyle diseases.
We're fat. Nature never imagined that we would be so sedentary and so overweight. Our biochemistry is hunter-gatherer, our lifestyle is couch potato.
Mitochondria. Metabolic syndrome is a mitochondrial dysfunction condition with Insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, and obesity. Environmental toxins poison our mitochondria and cause them to not work as well, thus causing many systems in our body to not work well. As our planet gets more poisoned, more people get sick.