At dr. Yesterday. Diangosis impetigo. Prescription bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) ds. Woke up sweating last night. Headache. Throat getting sore. Nausea. Body aches. Feels like pressure behind eyes. Had flu shot. Slight ruq pain. Ideas?

See below. Could be a combination of the following: 1.Flu vaccine side effects and antibiotic use-gi upset/stomach ache. 2. A viral illness with cold and stomach symptoms. 3. Doubt due to impetigo unless lesions are spreading/worsening. Re check with your doc if symptomatic care is not improving your status.
Reaction. Could be a reaction to the medication (not so likely) or more likely your flu shot. They can make one quite ill. Homeopathic ledum can help aor oscillococcinum or gelsemium.. For the flu shot. Acupuncture can help too!