Am I going to get anemia after I have my baby? I hated taking my prenatals.

Anemia & Pregnancy. The growing fetus requires all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals for normal growth and development inside the womb. You as the mother are the only source of these life-giving and nurturing substances. As such, the fetus acts like a parasite and may deplete you of iron, folate, (folic acid) etc. Important in the making of blood leading to anemia. You owe it to yourself and your baby to take your vitamins!
What baby needs. I want you to think about your baby.Your baby needs to have a good nutrition- especially in iron& folate (folic acid).Those 2 are very important for baby's growth-especially for the brain and nerve development. If you dont like your current prenatals- choose another kind-smaller size- will help you better to swallow.You probably will have anemia during your pregnancy.Think about your baby.Baby depends on you.
Not to worry but. There is some blood loss during delivery as well as during menstruation. Taking iron and calcium is a good idea during pregnancy , nursing women and possibly possibly after delivery. How many pregnancies did you have? The best policy is to eat well, exercise and live right. Test your blood "cbc", total blood count... Consult your doctor. Prenatal vitamins are not automatic. Common sense is.