I have frequent urination and back pain, last menstruation was 15 december and last sexual relation was 30 december, when can I do pregnancy test?

See my answer. I got your question on jan.14th a month has elapsed since your last period, you should have had another period......In one week you can test for pregnancy if you still don't menstruate.

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I'm 30y old. Period 20 days late, I have bad lower back pain, frequent urination and ovarian pain and pregnancy test is negative. What could it be?

Serum pregnancy test. Have you had a SERUM pregnancy test? Have you performed a 2nd home pregnancy test? Have you had a urine analysis done to look for an infectious disease? Have you called your OB/GYN or PCP yet? The last questions is probably your best hint at getting positive action since all WE can do on this network is what you're doing- guessing wassup with very little information at our disposal....Good luck! Read more...