At 15 is a boy too young to have high blood pressure?

Not at all. If he is big or hefty it could even be the common high blood pressure many adults get. (no obvious cause). If little kids get it (and they do) it can be a problem with the kidneys or heart or several other fixable issues. In either case, proper evaluation and treatment is needed to get the blood pressure into an acceptable range. You don't wait to see if it gets better when older.
No. Can have a high blood pressure at any age. When pts are younger i will be more agressive looking for secodary causes.

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What could cause a healthy sixteen year old boy to have high blood pressure?

Varies. This is common in the overweight kid, but can also accompany silent medical conditions.Kidney issues are usually investigated because they influence how the body sets its blood pressure.Dietary choices, intake of a variety of foods, drink, power aid,caffeine, etc.are all potential issues.A good workup buy your doc is the place to start. Read more...

What to do if I have high blood pressure for young adults?

Good Question. Start with visit to your healthcare provder. Need good history (lots of questions by the provider), good examination, blood work, urine tests and EKG IF all ok.....3-6 mo trial of better diet and exercise 30-60min, 5x/wk. F/U with provider in 3mo. IF no change, another 3 mo. After 6 mo, if no change, need to start medication. Discuss with provider pros/cons of the different meds. Read more...

How many nonpregnant young women get high blood pressure?

Depends on age -race. Prevelnce of premenopausal wonen with hypertension is less than men .After age 55 they have similar to men with 30-40% in blacks and 20% in whites.After age 70 the prevalnce increases with up to 80-90% of the wonen having hypertension. Especially isolated systolic hypertension. Read more...