What are some ways to prevent stiff neck?

Stiff Neck. Stiff neck or torticolis can result from prolonged use of neck in one position like reading, computer, writing, using several pillows while sleeping causing muscle strain. Not to be confused with meningitis, a serious illness with vomiting, fever, stiff neck and headache.

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How can I prevent getting a stiff neck?

Exercise. Gentle range of motion, stretching and walking or any low-impact cardiovascular exercise. Heat for about 20 to 25 minutes to help soothe and relax tight muscles. Read more...

What can I do to prevent stiff neck/neck pain after lifting weights?

Modify your . Technique as well as look to change your amount of weight and reps or look to use a bench to support your upper back , neck and head or even change from free weights to machines or vice versa. It may be a good idea to due a light cardio warmup and stretching before and after while not overdoing it as well. If issues persist, see your doctor for evaluation and recommendations. Read more...