I am going to see my podiatrist who operated on my ingrown toenail a few months ago because my nail is still soar what might happen to heel my nail?

May be recurring. Problem , of ingrown toenail. Do some precautions and preventive measures, , not wearing narrow shoes . Go back to your podiatrist , may need additional procedure and follow the advice., .
Depends. Follow up care depends on what "surgery" was performed. If they just cut out the ingrown nail margin, it may be regrowing. If they chemically cauterized the root, occasionally some drainage may become trapped and the toe becomes sore again. This may involve simply cleaning out the surgical site. Very rarely, the toe bone can become infected, requiring more aggressive treatment.
Minor surgery. You may have received an avulsion of part of the nail and as it grows out you can experience pain again. Your podiatrist may need to remove part of the nail permanently to prevent this from happening to you again. Your podiatrist can provide permanent relief. The sooner you go the sooner you will feel better.