Are lung infections more common as you get older?

Probably not. Unless you develop an immunosuppression, lung infections should not be more commonplace as you get older. However, if you have had years of smoking, infections make become more commonplace since residual lung function is diminihed.
Yes. The older the risk increases as well in the presence of co morbid conditions.

Related Questions

Why do smokers get a lot of lung infections?

Ans. Smoking any substance damages the defense mechanism of the lungs. See: http://archives. Drugabuse. Gov/NIDA_Notes/NNVol12N1/Smoking. Html and http://www. Cdc. Gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/cessation/quitting/index. Htm Take care of your health.

Why is it that smokers get more lung infections?

It is poison to lung. Various elements in cigarette smoke damage the cells which line the air passages and the alveolar cells in the lungs where oxygen is absorbed. It especially damages the hair cells which have little cilia which push mucus and the crud we breathe in out of the lungs, so our lungs cannot clean themselves out. It also kills immune cells which help produce antibodies and kill the germs we are breathing.

Do people with bronchiectasis constantly get lung infections?

Depends. The chance of getting a lung infection depends on how severe/widespread the bronchiectasis is, what caused (or is continuing to cause) it, and the immune status of the patient.

I get lung infections off and on, I used to cough n left shoulder blade would ache, it's hurting but no cough do you think it's infection again?

Doubtful. Pain in the scapula area can be related to muscular strain/stress unrelated to coughing. If there is no cough, fever, chills etc it is not likely infection. Have you done a new activity, slept in a different bed or been stressed over something recently. Any may cause aching there also. If simple analgesics, local heat compresses, stretching, massage don't help get to a doctor for examination.

My half of left lung was removed due to bronchiectasis. Still get lung infections. Do a flu shot and phnumonia vaccine really prevent from it?

Absolutely help. They do not cover all options, but flu gets the 3 most likely strains for an upcoming season and pneumonia gets some of the more lethal variations of that bacteria. Keeping up on your pulmonary hygiene essential.
Definitely. They don't prevent all infections but definitely help to keep several away.