What is a safer combination latuda (lurasidone) with tegretol or latuda (lurasidone) with lamictal (racing thoughts)?

Hard to say for sure. One has to see what works best for them; that is the only way to really know. Except for the rare possibility of serious rash, i think Lamictal is safer than tegretol. I would prefer the combination of Lamictal and latuda, (lurasidone) but one must try one med first, see how it works for them, and then add the next one if another drug seems necessary. Talk with your doctor and don't obsess about it!

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Atypicals-zyprexa-latuda-seroquel etc. Or anticonvultants-depakote-tegretol-lamictal etc. Which are harder on your liver?

Liver function. Medications are often metabolized in the liver and their safety depends on its integrity. Tegretol induces its own metabolism. Depakote increases the amount of ammonia. Zyprexa, seroquel and Latuda (lurasidone) are metabolized by different metabolic pathways by citochrome p450 enzymes. Lamictal is glucuronized. The risk of liver disease due to these drugs depends on the dose of meds and the liver capacity. Read more...