Can you tell me more about pttd (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction)?

Its common. Posterior tibial tendon insufficiency is the most common cause of adult-acquired flatfoot deformity. More common in women and often presents in the sixth decade. Some risk factors include obesity, older athletes, and inflammatory disorders. The exact etiology is unknown, but is assumed to be multifactorial with 20% reporting an acute injury. Get evaluated today with an exam and imaging.
Adult flatfoot. Posteiror tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) refers to a pain occurring in the medial ankle that can sometimes radiate to the heel and is the result in inflammation of the PT tendon. There are differing degrees of dysufunction from mild to complete tear. Sometimes it presents as an adult flatfoot. Having the condition examined is important to rule out other conditions. See a podiatrist!
See below. It is where the PTT has been stretched or by injury or by bone malposition to the point that the tendon no longer supports the bone structure or functions in the proper way.