Is there a treatment or cure for neuropathy that uses vitamins or supplements?

Maybe. In cases of neuropathy related to vitamin deficiency, supplementaiton can reverse or slow neuropathy. Vitamin B12 and folate (folic acid) are the most common, and a once-daily super b complex vitamin (or B12 shot) is often recommended. It does not reverse all neuropathy, and should not be taken in excess since b6 in high doses can be toxic to nerve as well.

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What vitamins, supplements, etc can I take to ease my neuropathy?

Neuropathy. Aside from b vitamins, you might consider glutamine, Alpha lipoic acid and n-acety cysteine which have been anecdotally shown to be of benefit. Read more...

Will 422ng/l vitamin B12 possibly allow neuropathy? Also can I increase this wothout supplements?

Possibly, probably. Some experts advise treating anyone with symptoms of B12 deficiency who has a level below 450, so you qualify. Deficiency occurs from either not getting enough in diet or poor absorption. If you eat a lot of animal foods (clams and fish are esp. Good sources) and still have this level try supplementing with 1000 mcg/day of methylcobalamin (ideally sublingual form). See http://bit.Ly/1607tg3. Read more...