Is my acne caused by bacterial or fungal infection in the pores?

CAUSE OF ACNE. Acne is caused by a plugging up of oil glands in the skin. Too much oil; no way of getting out. Stop nuts and peanut butter, no chocolate. Cut way dowwn on dairy products. Bacteria, not fungus germs, are responsible for the inflammation in these pores. Wash thoroughly with an acne wash 3 times daily. See a dermatologist if it persists.
Keep it clean. Keeping your face clean and not oily is the key. Http://www. Webmd. Com/beauty/skin-glow-13/minimize-pores.

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Can women suffering from galactorrhea cause HIV or some kind of bacterial or fungal infection in adults from sucking those breast?

No. An adult sucking a breast with galactorrhea will not cause HIV in either party. Your profile states unprotected sex, if the sex is with multiple partners, that is a greater risk of catching HIV or other sexually transmitted infection.

Other then bacterial and fungal infection, are there any other types of infections that can caused granuloma of lung and nodules and symptoms of cough?

Granuloma. Granuloma of the lungs is typically caused by a fungal infection. A doctor may make a diagnosis of granuloma by chest x-ray or, if the granuloma is not apparently calcified, by computerized tomography (ct), which can detect the calcium that isn't evident on the chest x-ray. The images of affected tissue usually show scarring and calcification characteristic of a granuloma.

Was taking Metronidazole for bacterial vaginosis but it caused severe itching and a foul odour. Does it mean I have a yeast fungal infection instead?

Maybe, probably not. Yeast infections cause itching but usually not odor. Probably the odor is from the BV itself, even if first noticed after starting treatment. But regardless of odor, the itching could indicate a yeast infection. Allergy to metronidazole unlikely but possible. You also need to be checked for other STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomonas if not yet done. Discuss with your doctor or clinic.

My scalp has pimples perhaps due to fungal infection. Is it the reason for my mail pattern baldness in teenage?

Hair loss. If you have a fungal infection of scal, p hair loss can occur but should regrow after treatment. Baldness is unusual in a teenager and you should get that examined by a doctor.

Does some fungal infection in groin area, sometimes looks like red pimples, but little and itchy? Like face pimples without white or black head

Please see below. Do you have those pimple looking itchy lesion in other parts of your body? How about hands or around belly button? It could be so many things like fungal infection itself, bacterial or sometimes scabes as well. Please see your pcp for evaluation.