Can you tell me if that hospitals should give male circumcision as an option for a newborn?

Happens where I live. This is routine in most hospital systems I have worked in over the past several decades.I am not aware of a hospital that does not, but local standards vary.
Circumcision. With recent changes in healthcare benefits, many hospitals and providers are not able to offer neonatal circumcision as many insurance companies no longer pay for such services. The most significant change has occurred in the last 2 years as the federally funded medicaid program has stopped paying for circumcisions in many states. The trend is that most insurance co. Will adopt this approach.
Yes. Although this remains controversial, circumcision continues to be a frequent choice for parents in the us and there is still some evidence that circumcision has health benefits.

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Will hospitals give male circumcision as an option for a newborn?

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