I think I have "polycystic ovary syndrome" but I'm not sure. What blood tests can be done to check?

You do need tests. Two reasons for blood tests - first to diagnose pcos, we need 2 out of 3 of 1. Irregular periods 2. Clinical signs like acne, hair growth and/or blood tests showing too much male-type hormones (androgens) 3. Ultrasound appearance of polycystic ovaries. Second we need to "rule out" other causes of irregular cycles, acne, hair growth: thyroid, prolactin, adrenal gland issues. See OB or fertility md.
Consider none. As a pathologist who's devoted my life to the lab, there's no substitute for a history and physical exam. Ultrasound of the ovaries in the right clinical setting can clinch the diagnosis and your physician may not even need this to justify treatment. Lab testing for this isn't going to make or break the diagnosis.
Wait a Minute. Pcos is much more complicated than a simple ultrasound. This is based upon increasing knowledge of the ramifications of the problem.Thus bloodwork is part of the exam. And because it often [presents prior to the onser of puberty, a pediatrician or peds endocrinology is appropriate, not ob-gyn.The other docs commenting have , unfortunately, not as much peds experience.
Consult doctor. Polycystic ovary is usually associated with increased secretion of androgenic hormones. The results from hormone assays are not easy to interpret and it would be useful to consult your doctor, an ob/gyn specialist.

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Which blood tests should I do to confirm pcos...ultrasound shows polycystic ovaries. My periods are very regular and lh fsh and e2 are normal on day 3?

No Blood test... There is no blood test specifically for PCOS. The diagnosis is based on your medical history, periods, etc. Best wishes! Read more...