I had a bloody stool and toilet paper yesterday and this morning. What could this mean?

Several things. Bleeding can be from infection, inflammation, polyp, cancer, hemorrhoids, vascular abnormality or diverticulosis. Go see a doctor to discuss.
BRBPR. This may just be hemorrhoids from straining but bleeding from rectum (brbpr) may also indicate anal fissures, proctitis (due to infection, inflammatory bowel disease, radiation therapy, stercoral ulcers, rectal prolapse, trauma, etc.) or a bleeding source further upstream. Depending on your age, risk factors, current medication (aspirin, nsaids, anticoagulants can cause bleeding), see your doctor.

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I am experiencing bloody stool. No blood on the toilet paper when I wipe thought just in the toilet after passing. Please help?

Bloody stool. . Is it red or more black? If it's bright red, it could be a hemorrhoid or anal fissure. If it's darker, then the bleeding source could be higher up. Regardless, if your bleeding has been more than a one-time event, you may want to see a doctor locally. Read more...

Had history of some blood in stool and on toilet paper but past two months have blood on toilet paper. Dr checked over a yr but no hem. But haven'tlook?

Scope. It's time for a gastroenterologist or other qualified provider to take a direct look inside your intestine. It is worth seeing if you have a lesion that needs biopsy or a simpler problem that needs attention. Read more...