I cannot they use a topical anesthetic for a cervical biopsy?

Biopsy. A cervical (cone) biopsy is a fairly large piece of tissue so a topical is unlikely to help much. Also, the local anesthetic could theoretically change the appearance of cells under the microscope for the pathologist. This is often done under significant sedation of a spinal anesthetic.
Other local options. I agree fully with the other answer but there is another option and it depends on your surgeon. The surgeon can perform a paracervical block using local anesthetic by injecting the nerves on the sides of the cervix. Its two injections and it will numb the cervix as a dentist numbs your jaw. The problem is not every gynecologist is comfortable with the technique.

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Could the doc use a topical anesthetic for cervical biopsy?

Not effective. A cervical biopsy will involve removing tissue deep into the cervix requiring more analgesia than a topical anesthetic could deliver. The topical would only give some relief to superficial cervical cells. Many gyn perform a paracervical block which is 2 small injections of Lidocaine on the sides of the cervix causing anesthesia of the deep cervix. Read more...