I have cluster headache, what's the best treatment?

Cluster treatment. Since a cluster headache is severe but of such short duration, treatment must provide fast relief. An effective abortive treatment uses oxygen at a flow rate of 7-10 liters per minute.. The treatment of choice for the prevention of both episodic and chronic cluster headache is verapamil (Calan), a calcium channel antagonist. See orofacial pain or headache specialist.
See a neurologist. Short of a good neurologist you will likely not get better and will suffer.

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What's the best treatment to get rid of cluster headache?

Try OMT. Have u had head trauma? After the appropriate imaging and testing to rule out treatable pathology, consider a trial of osteopathic manipulative treatment (omt) that includes the cranium. It is a safe and effective method that address any mechanical components of the headache pattern with a gentle mechanical hands on treatment . Read more...
Cluster headaches. Clusrter headaches are also called alarm clock headaches as it wakes you up at night with severe headache around eye on one side.Motrin and tylenol (acetaminophen) are not effective.100%oxygen, tryptans and octrotide injectable, dihudroergatamines work for acute attack.Preventive meds are calcium channel blockers like verapamil, corticistroids sometimes, lithium, nerve block some times may help prevent attacks. Read more...