How much time it takes to compelety clear swelling in your DVT affected leg?

DVT/leg swelling. Swelling of the leg following DVT is due to the vein in the leg having a clot which is blocking the return of the blood. The amount of time required for the swelling to subside depends on many factors-the extent of the clot and the veins involved. Larger veins involved and more extensive clots will take longer to resolve. Sometimes the swelling could be permanent. See a vein specialist.
Sometimes forever. Many people fully stabilize in a few months. Elevation, stockings, medications. Some have mild chronic stasis and edema for life. The worst get post phlebitic syndrome and a difficult course. Pay attention early.
Can take awhile. It can take months. Wearing compression stockings right away will help but it is essential to wear the stockings for at least wo years to help to decrease your chance that the swelling might never go away.
Dvt. Swelling is due to vein clot not allowing vein blood flow return As time progresses and the clot resolves the swelling will resolve Also collateral channels will develop and also resolves the swellings.