Could internal hordeolum look like chalazion?

Different stages. Hordeolum is another name for a stye. These ;are active, red and inflamed. Chalazia are the end results of the bodies attempt to clean up a stye in which case it simply walls it off leaving a cystic , pea like nodule in the lid. These are usually not tender, not inflamed and not red. They can be removed surgically if desired.

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How does one tell on physical exam the difference between an internal hordeolum and a marginal chalazion? I'm a 4th yr med student @ Wayne State. TY

4th Year. Is that WSU, Michigan? Spent many years there. Two things: 1; Please carefully read what you can regarding your concern. 2: Once read, please discuss this with doctor with whom are following. He/she will help to the extent possible or refer you to a specialist. Hope you learn a lot! PS: Enjoy graduation ! Read more...

How is chalazion different from internal hordeolum?

Active vs inactive. An internal hordeolum is an active infection of an oil producing gland in the lid and is characterized by a painful bump on the eyelid. A chalazion can occur after the resolution of this infection and is a result of the body walling off the infected gland to prevent spreading of the infection. Chalazia are not painful. Read more...