How long does it take for the average ankle sprain to heal?

It depends. There are three grads for ankle sprain, start from simple one (grade1) which it healed in about4 weeks, grade 2 it take 6weeks grade 3 it take about 8weekes and some time it require surgery.
Depends on severity. Could take weeks to months. It depends on the degree of injury.

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On average, how long will a 3rd degree inversion ankle sprain take to heal completely?

3rd degree inversion. A severe 3rd degree inversion ankle sprain takes longer than 3-4 weeks and may need surgery to stabilize the multiple ligament tears. Due to the severity, you may have internal ankle joint damage as well and may need surgical stabilization procedures which can take up to 3-6 months to heal. Best of luck.

How long does it take for a ankle sprain to complete heal and is it ok to wrap it when standing on it?

Ankle sprain. Depending on the severity of the ankle sprain, it can take from 4 to 8 weeks to heal. There are 3° of injury. One is a stretch of the ligaments, 2nd° is a partial tear of the ligaments. 3 degree is a total tear of the ligaments. 3rd degree tears take a good 8 weeks to heal.
Usually about 4 week. Usually 4 -6 weeks. If it hurts after this with failed conservative treatment and therapy would recommend mri.

From personal experience how long does it take an ankle sprain taken to get better and heal?

About 6 weeks. Wide variation in severity of sprains- depending on how much of the ligament (s) tear. Rule of thumb is that the ligament will be weaker than normal for at least 6 weeks, even if pain resolves- so wear a brace or avoid activities at high risk for turning the ankle (basketball, tennis, soccer are a few) if pain persists, you have locking, or recurrent instability- get it checked.
6 to 12 weeks. There are 3 grades of ankle sprains. I typically tell my patients that a sprain bad enough to take you to the doctor or ed will take 6 to 12 weeks to fully resolve.

How long does each grade of ankle sprain take to heal?

Rehab all, they vary. Grade 1 sprain: slight stretching of the ligament. 2-6 wks grade 2 sprain: partial tearing of the ligament. Abnormal looseness (laxity) of the ankle joint occurs. 6-12 wks grade 3 sprain: complete tear of the ligament. Gross instability occurs. Usually 6 months or longer.
Read below. Grade 1 within 4 -6 months, but very functional after 1 month. Grade 2 and 3 will take 8 months to heal. Grade 3 may require surgery and take longer.
On average. I would say mild 1-2 weeks mod 2-6 severe 4-8 these are just averages.