How are dental hygenist and dental technician different?

Different focus. A dental hygienist has been trained and licensed to clean teeth and prevent dental disease. They work closely with the dentist treating patients to keep your teeth healthy. A dental technician works in a dental laboratory fabricating prosthetic teeth, crowns, bridges, dentures. Working on models they are focused on fabricating the devices we use to replace teeth.
Worlds apart. A hygienist treats patients and passes rigorous exams to do so, a technician works on models in a lab. Please don't misunderstand my post... There is exceptional artistry that is needed to be a technician. Both work under the supervision of a licensed dentist, but each has their own responsibilities. Technicians fabricate prosthetic teeth, hygienists try to save your own natural teeth.
DH v DT. Dental hygienists , trained and licensed to clean teeth, treat periodontal problems, educate patients and in some states can also administer local anesthetic when necessary. Dental technicians are not involved in direct patient care. They are licensed to perform lab procedures to make dentures, crowns, implants, etc. Both work closely with the dentist.