Could untreated hypertension cause persistent microscopic hematuria?

Causes of hematuria. Hematuria can be caused by any bleeding in the urinary tract. It could be due to a tumor of the kidney (K), K stones in the ureters or by a bladder tumor, among other things. Culture your urine and if you have hematuria with no uti, see a urologist for evaluation. If you do have a uti, have your urine analyzed after the infection to make sure it resolves. Hypertension is not a likely cause for it.
Here are ... More than one hundred of conditions can be listed as the cause for microhematuria including so-called hypertensive nephropathy. Largely, all these can be categorized into 5 groups: infection-related, stone-related, renal-parenchyma-related, obstruction-related, tumors-related.

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