Grandfather hospitalized for difficulty breathing. Age 77y, so is heart or lung disease more common?

Heart. Heart disease is more common. In 2008, cardiovascular diseased caused 812, 000 deaths—33 percent of all deaths wheresas lung disease caused 242, 000. However, overall population statistics may have nothing to do with your grandfatther and hopefully evaluation in the hospital will quickly determine the causes for his shortness of breath whether cardiac/lung or even anemia. Good luck.

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When I lay down my heart seems to beat hard, and I have difficulty breathing, like there's a weight on my chest. I also get hot.?

Get tests. This can be an irregular heart beat, which can be serious. If you are very overweight, it can be the weight of your body pressing down on your chest, but in either case more needs to be checked into to find out the cause and get treatment if possible. Please see your doctor, and if your weight is normal, get a holter monitor to check for irregular beats. If it is up, get tested for sleep apnea.