Going in this week for a bronchoscopy with biopsy. Does this sound risky? Chances of bleeding inside?

Hard to say. Bronchoscopies are typically very safe. However, I don't know your circumstances. Some conditions will increase the chances of complications.
No. Some is common. This is safe procedure. Risk of excessive bleeding is very low. Some bleeding is common. You should hold any anti-platelet meds (e.g., aspirin, nsaids, Plavix (clopidogrel) etc) or coumdin for several days before. We typically say 5-7 days. Also depends on whether you are having lymph node biopsies (tbna) or actualy parenchymal biopsies (tblbx) or both. But doing both is routine and safe.
Low risk. Bronchoscopy with biopsy is a very safe procedure with few complications. Bleeding is rare unless there are low platelets or the patient has been taking medications that reduce clotting. These types of medications should be stopped before the procedure. Occasionally a collapsed lung can occur; this is treated with a chest catheter in some circumstances.